Clearview Oakville Community Alliance (C.O.C.A.), is the residents' association for the Clearview community.  Meetings are held on the first Thursday of the month (except for July and August) - 7:30 p.m. -  at the Hilton Garden Inn, located at 2774 South Sheridan Way.  Any changes to the meeting schedule will be noted here.  All residents are invited to attend and to bring forward any community concerns or issues.  We hope to see you there.  Come out to meet your neighbours and learn about your community.


The next COCA meetings will be held on Thursdays, April 6, May 4, June 1, 2017  - 7:30 p.m.



NOTE this upcoming Town of Oakville event:

Residential Rental Housing Licensing By-Law

Do you rent or lease out a house, a low-rise apartment (three-storeys or less) or even rent out a room in your home? Starting later this year, landlords of these types of accommodations may need a licence.

Attend our Open House

Tuesday, May 16, 2017, 6:30–8 p.m.
Bronte/Palermo Room
Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road

We want to hear from you!

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Proposed Residential Rental Housing Licensing By-law

The Town of Oakville is developing a new residential rental housing licensing by-law. Our goal is to ensure low-rise residential rental housing is safe, suitable and well maintained. We want to consider both the needs of property owners and residents looking for rental housing. Under this by-law, landlords will have to apply for a licence and renew it each year.


Since 2006 “lodging houses” in the Town of Oakville have required a licence. At that time, the Municipal Act 2001 limited municipalities to licensing and regulating lodging houses only. A “lodging house” is usually a house or building in which individual rooms are rented to people who do not function as a single housekeeping unit. It is just one of several types of residential rental accommodation.

A recent review indicates that residential rental housing is impacting some Oakville neighbourhoods. Existing lodging house regulations do not apply to all rental types resulting in inconsistencies in the enforcement of regulations. In response, Town Council asked staff to develop options that enhance tenant health and safety and protect and maintain stability of residential areas.

On November 7, 2016, council directed staff to draft a residential rental housing licensing by-law. The proposed by-law would create categories of licenses for residential rental housing. These categories could include single housekeeping units as well as lodging houses. The expanded licensing program can improve the town’s ability to ensure residential rental housing is safe, suitable and well maintained.

Possible classes of licences include

Whole Home (Class A) – The entire home is rented out under a single lease.

Non-Owner Occupied (Class B) – Rental units in a house not occupied by the owner.

Owner Occupied (Class C) – Owner rents out one or more units in a house they are living in.

Lodging House (Class D) – A building, or part of a building, in which people rent rooms, with or without meals included.

Licence Application Requirements for All Classes

On Initial Application

On Renewal

Please note the following requirements will apply for licence renewals

  • Municipal address
  • Applicants name and contact info (home Address, telephone, fax, email)
  • Owner name and contact info (home address, telephone, fax, email if different)
  • If owner does not reside in municipality, a local contact with contact information
  • Copy of transfer/deed for proof of ownership
  • Names of tenants
  • Police Check
    • If owner occupied: for the owner
    • If partnership: for each partner
    • If corporation: for each director, officer, shareholder with more than 30% share
  • Signed statement
    • Applicant or owner will comply with maintenance plan
    • Applicant or owner will comply with parking plan
    • Rental unit is in compliance with Building Code Act, 1992 or any regulation under it
    • Rental unit is in compliance with Fire Protection And Prevention Act, 1997 or any regulation under it, including the Fire Code
    • Rental Unit is in compliance with the Electricity Act or any regulation under it, including Electrical Safety Code
    • You are aware of all relevant federal and provincial legislation including the Ontario Human Rights Code, as well as all relevant municipal by-laws
    • Confirms the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the information
  • Proof of Liability Insurance
    • No less than two million dollars per occurrence for property damage and bodily harm
    • Identifies the residential rental business is being operated on the property on which the rental unit is situated
  • An HVAC inspection certificate from a certified HVAC technical that confirms the HVAC system is in proper working order
  • A general inspection certificate from a certified Electrical Safety Authority technician confirming the electrical system is in proper working order-within 6 months of application (every five years)

The following will be required only if there has been a change:

  • A copy of the tranfer or deed for proof of ownership
  • A parking plan that complies with zoning by-law
  • A property maintenance plan
    • specify measure to be taken to ensure compliance with by-laws
    • who is responsible for ensuring that all necessary property maintenance is undertaken
  • A floor plan including
    • all rooms, spaces or common areas
    • how each room or area shall be used
    • the dimention (in square meters) of all rooms, spaces and common areas

Licensing Requirements for Residential Rental Housing

Whole Home (Class A)

Non-Owner Occupied (Class B)

Owner Occupied (Class C)

Lodging House (Class D)

The following are possible licensing requirements for Class D – Lodging House:

  • Operates as, and deemed to be, “boarding houses”, “lodging houses” or “rooming houses” for the purposes of Part 9 of the Fire Code
  • Must comply with requirements of Part 9 of the Fire Code
  • Operate and be deemed to be, “boarding, lodging or rooming houses”, as defined in the Building Code
  • Must comply with requirements of Building Code
  • Comply with applicable zoning requirements
  • Must not exceed 600 square meters or more than three storeys
  • No kitchen or bath exclusive of any tenant
  • No more than two bathrooms, no more than one kitchen
  • Each bedroom must have a door that is capable of being locked
  • Must have written leases, only one tenant per lease
  • No bedroom shall have a working water distribution system installed which would convey water to or from a bedroom








Introduction to Clearview


Clearview is one of three neighbourhoods in Southeast Oakville (Ward 3). The community is ideally situated with easy access to the Clarkson Go Station, QEW, 403, 407 and downtown Oakville (bordered by the QEW, Winston Churchill Blvd., Royal Windsor Drive and Ford Drive). 


There  are approximately 2200 low and medium density homes. We have many parks and open greenspace areas such as Clearview Park, Wynten Way Park and Kingsford Gardens which are connected by the Avonhead Ridge Trail.  Clearview Woods is located across the street from Kingsway Park. 


We are fortunate to have two fine elementary schools, JK - grade 8, located in the heart of Clearview. James W. Hill Public School and St. Luke Catholic School are both on Kingsway Drive.  





FOR ANY TOWN ISSUES YOU MAY or call 905-845-6601



Our Councillors:  Nick Hutchins - Ward 3 Town Councillor - - 905-849-8259

                             Dave Gittings - Ward 3 Regional & Town Councillor - - 905-844-5513 


Mayor:  Robert Burton -


COCA Executive

Bob Brabers - President -

Carol Deeth - VP

Maura Morrison - VP

Louise Hynds - Secretary

Linda Provost - Treasurer

Michelle Sloane - Past President

Laura Mang - Past VP





"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter"

Martin Luther King Jr.                           



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